Friday, November 21, 2008

Printers: They All Lie

On August 7th, my Xerox 6130 complained that the black toner cartridge is almost empty. It was bizarre, keeping in mind that the printer was bought just a short while before and definitely didn't print 10k pages per cartridge claimed in the specs.

OK, said I, it must be the new "demo" cartridge that was installed in the new printer, I need to print, I need to buy the cartridge.

Today, on November 21st, three months and fourteen days later (given pretty dense printing load) the printer eventually declared that it can't live without another cartridge - but the strange part is that the last page printed looked *just fine* to me.

I know that ink printer manufacturers have already been slapped on the wrist. I wonder when the patience of laser printer owners get thin enough to do the same.

Wonder how many pages this cartridge will print.

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