Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Android vs. iPhone: What Part Of The Message You Don't Understand?

Reading SDK shoot-out: Android vs. iPhone vividly reminded me of a joke I've first heard in mid-nineties:

In seventies, IT managers were choosing VMS over Unix.
In eighties, IT managers were choosing Novell over Unix.
In nineties, IT managers were choosing Windows NT over Unix.

What part of the message you don't understand?

One quote from the article: "If you can't get coders on board, you're sunk."

Guess what, I don't have a Mac. Neither did three startups I've worked for. Neither did three corporations I've worked for. And neither of us (me, the startups and the corporations) have any intent to buy a Mac, despite an overwhelming desire to have one someday.

I've placed my bets.

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