Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Google Sync 0.5.11 for BlackBerry: Close, but no cigar

Without much ado, Google Sync for BlackBerry 0.5.11 was released today.

Yes, it did fix screwups that Sync 0.5.9 created, but still doesn't work right.
  1. Spend precious time fixing GMail contact list;
  2. Sync again;
  3. Spend precious time weeding out duplicates and litter from GMail contact list again;
  4. Sync again;
  5. Voila, the trash from the BlackBerry address book is back from the dead, alive and well in GMail contact list.
Thank God for backups.

Still not a word from Google.

UPDATE: Well, this is something I haven't expected from Google programmers, out of all people. GMail contacts have the email address as a primary key for a contact, BlackBerry address book uses the phone number. They may have gotten into both lists from different sources, in different notation. Good luck trying to find out what source gets precedence for what case.

One thing is clear - don't expect your GMail address book to work as the system of record.

I wouldn't be surprised if the BlackBerry address book is not treated as a system of record either, but honestly, a little bit too tired to try.

What a mess.

UPDATE: Oh, and NullPointerException is back.

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  1. Same problem. I've reverted back to using Outlook at my system of record and everything drives off of that. Unfortunately that means Gmail AB is a one way manual sync. and Google Sync (contacts) is disabled on the BB. Shame.