Friday, November 21, 2008

Google Sync 0.5.9 for BlackBerry: Not So Fast

Saw the news about the fact that the Sync now supports GMail contact synchronization, rejoiced and immediately installed the update - I've been waiting for this feature for quite a while.

And regretted it five minutes later. It breaks the phone and renders it next to unusable.

Some incoming calls that used to be identified just fine don't get identified anymore.

Custom ringtones for some incoming calls are borked.

Best of all, attempt to invoke the call log causes java.lang.NullPointerException dialog box to be displayed prominently. Sometimes this happens after the call is terminated.

Sometimes the dialog box goes away and the phone falls back to the home screen by itself, sometimes hard reset is required to make the phone operable again.

And of course, there's no going back to the old version of the Sync. I'm hoping that system restore will help, and will be furious if it doesn't.

It appears that the numbers affected are those that were originally stored on the SIM card.

UPDATE: Wiping out the contacts from the SIM card (pray that you have a backup phone) does fix the problem with misidentified calls and custom ringtones, but the null pointer exception dialog box persists.

UPDATE: Providing telephone numbers for all email-only contacts in BlackBerry address book, and disabling the sync seems to take care of the problem. Not what I would want, but better than a half-dead phone.

Lots of people complain about this problem, Google is still mum on the subject. No apologies forthcoming.

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