Friday, October 24, 2008

Android G1: Just Like Bosch

The phone is new, and not everyone knows about it. My wife, for example, was totally unconvinced to buy it (even though it was to be her phone) and just succumbed to my nagging because that's what she usually does to preserve the peace in the family.

That was, however, until I was able to forcefully distract her from making whatever shopping decisions she was making at the moment and show her this. And this. The look in her eye told me that I'm guaranteed unconditional love. Until my next blunder, that is.

Women are gotta love thes phones.

Note, this is on the third day on the market. With lack of serious advertisement (yeah, I know, us geeks knew about it for months, but that doesn't count).

It seems to me that Android is going to be for women what Bosch is for for some of us mechanically inclined: just like this comment says, the moment is not far away when we will start wondering what causes that wild look in their eyes.

Well, let's wait and see how this turns out...

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