Monday, August 3, 2009

About That Phantom Replacement...

Yes, the replacement they sent. The NeoPower 650 Blue.

Quality PSU, you say? I beg to differ.

Out of the box, the PSU fan made clicking noises. Day by day, it got louder and louder, until today, less than two months since it was installed, the clicking has become so loud, that it annoys the hell out of me even though there are 14 (yes, fourteen) other fans running next to it. Guess I will have to rip the fan out of the PSU and replace it with something more, ahem, quality.

But you might say - wait a second, you said you installed Corsair instead of that Phantom? That's right, I did.

This PSU, however, had to be installed a few days after it arrived to replace another Antec PSU that died right then - SmartPower 350.

Having read Scott's comments, I thought long and hard about whether I am being unfair. Well, I don't think so. Here's the list of all hardware that failed for me since 1997:
  • One no-name PSU that came with YY-0110 (catastrophic failure);
  • A couple of Maxtor 80G drives (catastrophic failure);
  • One or maybe two Netgear Gigabit Ethernet cards (works no higher than 100M now);
  • One eVGA videocard (GeForce 7800 GT) half-dead - apparently, bad soldering on memory chips, overheats easily but still usable;
  • All Antec PSUs.
No, I don't think I am unfair.

UPDATE (2009/08/08): Now it's also screeching.

UPDATE (2009/08/10): Now it seized completely. Good thing I have an array of other "quality" PSUs to rip the replacement fan out of.


  1. Yea, i feel you pain. *just joined the Dead Phantom Society, R.I.P. 07.06.07-14.11.09* Guess time is ticking on my 2nd Phantom. - Lag

  2. Was it sudden death syndrome (C) Balls of Fury, or a seized fan?

  3. shut it down one day, had it in a box on a shelf for 3 months, now it just refuses to power on (shuts down again within a second). I guess it's the safety circuit cutting in, though what exactly caused it i can't say for sure.