Friday, February 20, 2009

Blackberry Curve Overheating & Battery Drain: Gone For Good

I see that a lot of traffic to this site is driven by search for "blackberry overheating" and "blackberry battery drain". Just to make things clear, let's state that
  • This problem seems to be gone for good, never seen since;
  • Doubt that it had anything to do with it, but timing was close to OS upgrade from 4.2 to
  • The fact that all third party software on the device (mostly Google stuff) was kept up to date may have played a role, too.
If you're still suffering from this problem, try upgrading the software and see if it helps. You're not going to regret it, either - functionality is noticeably better, though the device is now more sluggish than it was before. Alas, this is the price of progress.

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