Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Voting With My Dollars: Thumbs Up To Sir Paul

Just bought the digital version (MP3 + FLAC) of Electric Arguments.

Do I like Paul McCartney that much? Not quite. There was a period in my life and period in his life when our tastes in music were somewhat similar, but basically no, I describe myself as being of Pink Floyd generation.

Could I get it for free from Internet just a few days later, maybe later today? Absolutely, yes.

Would Sir Paul notice? Probably not, he appears to be busy talking to his neighbors about the boars, and, in general, it seems that the whole anti-DRM thing is rather new to him.

All above notwithstanding, there are things more important than the fact that I don't like the album that much (at least yet, it might turn out to be an acquired taste). The most important facts to me are:

  • The album was released DRM free
  • Integrity is something that is perfected by example.

I've been saying for a long time that DRM is evil, and if the artists I liked would do the right thing, then I'll cough up the money. Today is the day.

For those wishing to put their money where their mouth is, here's the link, again: Electric Arguments by The Fireman.

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