Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Google Sync Fiasco: And this is all I get?

On November 19th my phone gets crippled by Google Sync update, along with countless others.

On December 1st there is the first sign of recognition coming from Google, in a form of employee posting on a help message board.

That'll be 13 (thirteen) days to acknowledge a problem that is usually classified as Severity 1 (data loss, customers affected), and, in a way that does not reach the customers that may be affected.

I don't know what to call it - incompetence? arrogance? sabotage?

All this time, clueless (not necessarily stupid, but simply uninformed) people flocked in like moth to the fire, attracted by long awaited contact synchronization feature. Only to find it breaks their phones, renders them next to unusable, and loses their data in the process (no backup? we told ya, look up terms of service!).

It is still happening, even now. Sync hasn't been pulled off.

Time to invoke Hanlon's Razor?

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