Friday, December 19, 2008

RIAA vs. The People: The Plot Thickens

This article at Ars Technica is the most detailed recap to date. Interesting one, too.

The end of lawsuits

...though the RIAA tells us it reserves the right to go after people who continue to ignore the notifications.

This is just hilarious. Nothing new, though - this is exactly the same amount of protection that people got after agreeing to "pre-litigation" settlements.

Chances of an individual to have been sued by RIAA were calculated less than to be hit by lightning, from what I remember. Now, when RIAA targets the ISPs - assuming they get traction - the response will be "preventive" and swift (one, two) - not only those who [ab]used the system will be impacted, but Joe the Plumber as well.

In other words, the situation will actually deteriorate - the ISPs are being given a good incentive and a good excuse to cap the traffic for everyone, and introduce market segmentation (think "gas prices", "pain threshold"), which they were severely lacking on the consumer side.

UPDATE: People start asking a reasonable question at last: who is going to pay for all this?

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