Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Reader R.I.P., and what to do now

Google, in their infinite wisdom, is killing Reader. Too bad - many of us relied on it (some of us, like myself, relied mostly on it) in our daily lives.

Various newfangled "social" tools are a poor replacement, or, rather, not a replacement at all - they lack structure, prioritization, and ability to put things away that Reader offered. It is understandable, then, that right now there's a frantic activity directed on salvaging Reader data and finding a replacement.

Let's try to keep things organized.

First of all, offers a way to export Google Reader feeds.

Then, just in case, here's a petition to keep Reader alive (not that it's going to change anything, in fact, it may point out how weak the Reader user base is - but then again, it's not about the profit).

And, finally, in no particular order, replacements (this section will be updated as new candidates are discovered). Keep in mind that all links are raw, fact checking wasn't performed, and some of them might bite you (feedback will be appreciated, so we have both wall of fame and wall of shame).

to be continued...

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