Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Microsoft Fail

If Microsoft resorts to spam, its times must be really tough. Look at what I've received today (clickable):

Microsoft Fail

Quite a few things are strange.

First of all, during most of my professional career I've consciously stayed away from Microsoft products - would that be OS/2, Unix or Java.

Second, I've never contacted Microsoft, or was contacted by its representatives.

Third, none of my public reflection gives any hints that I am in any way interested in anything related to Microsoft.

And a final nice touch - being addressed as [VADIM ] is somewhere between hilarious and insulting, especially coming from such an entity as Microsoft.

Not even speaking of the content - pompously starting with "There's no avoiding the obvious. Times are tough."

Times are tough for Microsoft indeed.


  1. you should enlarge the picture - the text is too small to read ;-)

  2. Well, that's why it says "clickable", doesn't it? :)