Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friendship Just Got Cheaper

So this morning I wake up and find "4 new sharing requests" in Google Reader. And a note: "You have to add these people to Friends or Family to allow them to follow you in Reader".

Hmm. I do know those people. Neither of them is my friend, technically - I've never met neither of them in person, haven't even talked to some of them - but I don't mind them following me, for I have some idea of who they are and why they want to follow.

But Friends? Family? That's a bit too much.

I guess it's time to redefine "Friends".

Oh, and the best part? Google by default adds people you allow sharing requests of to "Family". Might be very embarrassing.

And the last question - why the hell can't I simply allow someone to follow me in whatever there is without adding them to any group at all?

UPDATE: My bad, default "Family" and "Friends" group names are deceiving. If you go to Google Reader's sharing settings page, you will see that you can arbitrarily add and remove groups and individuals, as far as Reader is concerned.

Buzz access, however, doesn't fall under the same rules - it uses a homegrown access control page. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait till they grow wiser...

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