Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Splendours and Miseries of Hotlinking

"Hotlinking is bad", we are told. "Hotlinking is the bandwidth theft", we are told. Vices and evils of hotlinking are described in gory details at The Source.

But wait a second... What if I want to promote someone's work, and that someone is someone I've never met, have no commercial interest vested into, nor desire to communicate with, it's just I like their work and think they deserve their fifteen minutes of fame?

Should I copy the picture to avoid stealing their bandwidth? Well, but copying is stealing, we are told.

Should I provide a plain hyperlink? But with the information density of today's Internet a link will most probably just go unnoticed.

So I'm just going to settle with the assumption that the bandwidth "stolen" is not actually stolen, but is, in fact, a fair price paid for the exposure the author gets. Provided the link is not disemboweled (as, say, and backlink is readily available - just like the image above.

Now go nudge this photographer and make him give you a chance to order his prints.

(Image Credit: Cullen :P)

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