Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google Adding Contact Fields, Losing Touch

So all right, they've added fields to contacts. Cool! Let me go add some to mine.

All right, birthday, check.

Marriage anniversary, ... wait, what? "Anniversary"? Hmm, not so cool, but okay, check.
The day I won the Nobel Prize... what? "Other"?

Now tell me, how difficult was it to give me the ability to name my dates the way I like them? (and don't tell me that I should use "custom" for that, for it is not a date and can't be treated as such).

Since I'm ranting already anyway, tell me also how difficult was it to integrate contact dates with the calendar and provide an ability to add a notification, just the way the calendar does it? What's the point of adding a date if you can't act upon it?

And how difficult was it to provide an ability, when adding a person, to add a person that is already in the address book? With a hypertext link to that other person?

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Not the quality of application that can be expected of Google. Time to think about a backup plan.

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