Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cox Sux

I used to have weeks, if not months, of trouble-free service uptime from Cox. Was truly happy with it.

Recently, though, the quality of service has gone seriously downhill - now I am having downtimes several times a day, up to tens of minutes each time. There were two citywide downtimes for several hours in a row within last week.

Cox representatives are either diligently denying any liability ("Sir, we could send a technician to your house (the next available opening is, let me see, two days away), but you understand that if there is a problem with your home network, we'll have to charge you, oh, and would you like to buy a Cox assurance plan?"), or are totally unreachable ("All circuits are currently busy, please try your call another time").

My ability to work depends on having uninterrupted Internet service, so I am now seriously pissed and considering alternatives. Suggestions welcome.

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