Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BlackBerry Curve 8320: Overheating, Battery Drain Continues

I was wrong, Google Maps for Mobile is off the hook.

The phone keeps overheating and draining battery once or twice a week. The pattern is still unclear - sometimes it seems to be related to installing new applications (over the network) or fiddling with existing network-aware applications (Google again), sometimes seems to be related to a race condition between cell and UMA networks.

Pisses me off, honestly.

The only guaranteed way to get out of it without guessing whether it snapped out of it or not for the next few hours is to give it a hard reset - i.e. take out the battery, plug it back in and wait forever until it boots.

I know I'm not alone -

Search for blackberry power drain
Search for blackberry overheating

Wonder how long it will take RIM to admit the problem (so far the official statement I got from tech support is "we've never heard of it") and fix it.

It is also interesting to note that iPhone suffers from the same problem (search for "iphone overheating").

There's one thing that makes me really nervous - it's one thing if it is just a runaway process beating its head against the wall and draining the battery, and completely different thing if it this process keeps transmitting on full power all this time from my pocket. Totally uncool.

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