Friday, November 14, 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order - profile sharing bugs

How to reproduce:

  1. Play the game logged in into Steam account A;
  2. Start new game on the same computer logged in into Steam account B to which the game is granted under Steam Family Sharing;
  3. Oops...
  • Expected result: progress, perks and collectibles are separate for Steam account B, they are also preserved for Steam account A;
  • Actual result:
    • Progress is reset for account A;
    • Perks are reset for account A;
    • Collectibles are *not* reset for account B;
    • Steam account B gets stats and ranking where existing stats and ranking for account A is a base to which personal stats of account B are added;
    • Steam account B gets *some* achievements based on above stats calculation.
At the same time, starting the game on a different computer while logged in into Steam account B yields an empty list of everything (no perks, no collectibles, no stats) *but* erroneous world and friends rank obtained before.

Fallout for Steam account A owner: [at least] can't selectively play game chapters even though the game was already completed.

Lesson: different players must play on different computers, or get really sophisticated about backing up game data, taking risks of likewise sophisticated screwups.

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