Thursday, September 29, 2011

Despicable Me^H^HNetflix

Been putting off disconnecting from Netflix, having collected 395 movies in the queue. Plus, been busy (you know how those disks are gathering dust for wees before you finally get your hands to watch them). But alas, money has to go where the mouth is, and we decided that the last movie we'll watch before shutting it of would be Despicable Me.

The movie is hilarious. We watched it, and immediately after it ended, we decided that we would very much like to watch the bonus features. Only...

There were none.

Behind every bonus feature title, there was a black screen with a short phrase, which reduces to "If you wanna watch the bonus, you'll have to buy the retail copy". Yes, and I forgot to mention that the disk had a "RENTAL" sign in big bold letters.

Well, to spare my time and breath, I'll just say that this is totally uncool. And totally makes me not regret finally saying goodbye to Netflix DVD.

PS: And they made me even more convinced that I had to do it by setting the cancellation effective date to one month from now. Which means they get to charge me extra month of service. I'm happy Mr. Swasey will get his extra latte or two.


  1. Do you really think it was Netflix's fault with this "RENTAL" business? ;)

  2. Honestly, I don't care. Netflix is the entity that s taking my money to protect me from whomever is willing to exert their control over me. As long as they were successful in doing that, I was happy with them. Now that they're failing miserably to fulfill their contract, I'm not, and I'm voting with my dollars. And their condescending and arrogant attitude doesn't help a bit.

    If they fix their ways, I'll return. However, it will be difficult for them to convince me that their service improved, now that I'm off it.