Sunday, October 4, 2009

Android Market Updates: I Give Up

As far as I'm concerned, the main problem with Android Market is drowning in an ocean of shit.

The "default" Android Market is useless - you have to be actively looking for something in order to find it, and it has to be "top". Thus useful, but niche applications go unnoticed. There is no search. There is no feed., on the other hand, does provide a feed. Good luck using it, though. Daily volume is over a hundred items, you've missed a weekend - it's over 300, you've had a busy week - it's well over a thousand. Most of it is farts and sexy lady whatever, repeated every few hours (yes, developers have realized that you have to release a new version pretty much every day to stay on top avoid total oblivion).

I've been using the RSS Feed since the day it appeared, but today I'm calling it quits - the signal/noise ration has become loathsome, and I'd rather miss something useful than spend hundreds of non-renewable hours of my life sifting through junk that is flowing at ever increasing speed.

What I would ideally like to see (consider this a free idea) is an Android Market notification service that would allow me to
  • notify me of totally new applications only;
  • notify me of new releases of applications I've subscribed to;
  • allow to blacklist publishers, or, even better,
  • allow to blacklist anything based on regular expression patterns.

Then it can become more or less usable. Not before.

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