Saturday, January 3, 2009

I know why Americans are fat

Remember the good old times, when the people were too lazy or uneducated to tune their VCRs, and they were blinking 12:00 all the time? Well, that didn’t have drastic consequences.

But then, the widescreen TVs came out. And, well, people were still either lazy or uneducated. Or, they were afraid to change the aspect ratio to avoid burning the plasma screen.

So the faces on the TV screen became fat. And the people started feeling uncomfortable, looking at each other and seeing faces that were somehow not quite real. You know, only the things that are on TV are real, everything else is just what they show on TV. You know.

So the people wanted to get real. Wider. Just as you’ve seen on TV.

And there you go.

Would somebody fix the goddamn aspect ratio already?

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