Friday, August 22, 2008

Is Your Gas Pump Ripping You Off?

Just read this article and thought of a trend that I've noticed since the pipeline to Phoenix ruptured in 2003.

To put it shortly, every time the price of gas goes up, so goes the quality - the MPG meter in my car won't lie to me (that much, that is). Goes up significantly - a couple of miles per gallon.

And every time the price of gas goes down, buckle up - the quality would be, should I say, under par...

Right now, with the price drop from $4.60 to $3.60 - guess what, I've just lost 5 MPG.

The only explanation I have is that higher prices cause more angry customers and higher risk of inspections that the companies are not willing to let happen, hence, less cheating.

Oh, and the irony? Back in 2003, people complained about $2 per gallon...

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